Silly Goose

A friend of mine told me about a curious sight he saw on his way to work and suggested that I go and check it out. With his directions I was able to find this silly goose, up a tree.

Having commandeered a hawk’s nest from last year, this little lady has made herself quite at home. And quite high.

I had seen geese nesting on top of a stack of hay bales, but I had never seen them nest in a tree before. Having thought I had found the one bird-brained bird that all the other geese must laugh at, I made my way home… only to discover another such nest just down the road. This time there were two up the tree, and very annoyed with me!

After some research I discovered that it isn’t that unusual for Canada Geese to nest high up. Apparently the goslings are light enough to drop down from a height without injury. Who knew?

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