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Tantramar Marsh

Last fall we travelled back to my home town in Sackville, New Brunswick for some vacation time and support raising. This provided an opportunity to continue my photographic essay of the Tantramar Marshes. I once read in a photography book that you should pick a subject and try to photograph it in a way no one else has. I decided I wanted to do this with the old salt-water marshes next to my home town. In a area where you are always surrounded by trees and going either up or downhill, the marshes are a quiet, flat, open area that makes you pause. On the marsh you can find a covered bridge and a few remaining hay barns. Notice each of them, because they  may be gone next time you go by. Seventy years ago there were more than 400 of these barns, now there are less than 20. As a kid I remember there being many more, but now each time I go back to New Brunswick there are one or two less, and I wanted to photograph them before they are all gone.

Wheaton Covered Bridge in Sackville, New Brunswick

After several months of poking away at these pictures after the kids go to bed, I have finally finished putting together a gallery of my favourite images from our trip to Sackville last fall. Please check it out at or more photos of this remarkable place.

Ducks Unlimited Waterfowl Park
Ducks Unlimited waterfowl preserve at sunrise.

Old Marsh Barn
Old barn that is falling down on the Tantramar Marsh

Barns on the Tantramar Marsh
Barn on the Tantramar Marsh, surrounded by hay.


Sackville Waterfowl Park Boardwalk
Sackville Waterfowl Park Boardwalk

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