The shots that required shots

Naomi came home at 9:00 Friday night after a quick trip to town and told me the light from the setting sun was wonderful out there and suggested I go get a few pictures. She assumed I would be back in a few minutes.. Two hours later I was back with some pictures and something else.

I was trying to get the best angle of a sunset and the golden light on a stand of poplars, and that angle happened to be on the other side of an old barb-wire fence. As I climbed through it, I managed to give myself a 5 inch scratch down my leg. I lost a lot of blood that night, mostly to the local mosquito population, but also some from the cut too.

The next night it was suggested to me that I may need a tetanus shot. Hadn’t thought of that… Since I couldn’t remember when I had last had a shot, Monday morning I was off to public health to get a needle in the arm. Now my arm has been sore for two days. I hope the pictures are worth it.

Poplars at sunset

Through the trees

I didn’t suffer any cuts to get this one, but it was the last picture of the night. Silo at Sunset

Old Silo

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