Frosted Glass

The windows of the house we are renting are the old sliding aluminum framed type, which are only slightly better than the older wooden framed sliding type, which are only slightly better than stiff paper. They at least keep the snow out, and usually stop most of the wind. Each window has two sets of single pane glass, and none of them shut real well.

Anyway, with the cold weather lately they tend to frost up. Let’s see how the weather looks outside today, shall we?

Nope, can’t see out the kitchen window..

Hmm.. can’t see out any bedroom windows. Maybe the sliding door.

A little bit..

When it is cold we can often only see out the picture window in the living room, but even that sometimes steams or frosts up because the seal is broken on it. Our first year here it was so cold that for weeks we could only see outside if we opened the door.

The upside to this is that it gives me an interesting photographic opportunity. Crystal growth.

Click an image for a larger view.

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