Fall Colours

Foggy Fall, originally uploaded by Troy And Naomi.

I don’t know why I can’t seem to sleep in anymore. The days that my alarm is set I can hit the snooze button five times before getting up. On days that I don’t have to get up I wake up about 10 minutes before my alarm would normally go off.. and I am wide awake! Irony is annoying.

Anyway.. I didn’t sleep in on Saturday morning of Thanksgivings Day weekend, and I decided that I would take off for a few hours to see some of the sights of a cold Fall morning in Ontario.

Fall Reflections, originally uploaded by Troy And Naomi.

The fall colours this year are not very vibrant. I think it is because it has been warmer and we only had our first frost two nights ago. It is still beautiful, but we don’t see as many reds as in previous years.

Ever wonder why leaves change colour?

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