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One of my photographs from New Brunswick has once again been selected for publication in the Saltscape’s 2015 calendar! Flipping through the rest of the calendar I realize what an honour it is to be selected. There are many great photographs from around Atlantic Canada, a wonderful part of this great country.

_TWJ1915 _TWJ1920

Saltscapes is a magazine celebrating Atlantic Canada, it’s people, it’s culture, it’s food, and the fantastic landscape. Like the last time I was included in their calendar, they have selected a photo from the Tantramar Marsh area in Sackville, New Brunswick. This particular photo is one of the old hay barns from the marshes along the Bay of Fundy near Wood Point. I don’t know if this barn is still there or not, it was almost ready to fall down when I took this photo a five years ago, and it is unprotected from the strong winds coming off of the Bay.

This image is part of a photographic project I undertook to document the old barns of the Tantramar Marsh area before they were all gone. One hundred years ago there were over 400 of these barns dotting the flat landscape. When I was a kid there were about 70, and now there are probably less than a dozen left.  See more of my photography of the Tantramar Marsh



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