Reflecting on Northern Lights

A few weeks ago I was chasing one of the spectacular storms we get here in central Alberta. It was getting close to sunset, so I was looking for a nice location to capitalize on the increasingly dramatic skies. I happened across a small lake that was perfect! Perfect except for the flying hoards of mosquitoes that were out in the light rain at dusk.

Anyway, I took note of the lake and the fact you could easily get to the south side should I get to photograph the Aurora Borealis again. A couple weeks later, I was out from 11:00 PM to 2:00 AM doing just that.


On August 5 I headed out to the lake to view the Northern Lights. As I had hoped, the water was very peaceful and reflective of the colourful night sky.


“Hues from the Sun”

The Aurora was very active when I first arrived at the lake and the sky was full of greens and blues and the Lights were twisting quickly through the sky, producing many spikes of colour. The bands of colour even stretched directly  overhead.


The Intersection: The Milky Way and the Northern Lights.


After a while, things settled down a bit and the colours subdued. This allowed me to settle down too and start taking some longer exposures over the water.



Northern Lights reflecting on water.

I decided to offer a print for sale of “Reflecting on the Northern Lights”. I had this one done as a gallery wrap with a metallic finish to bring out the rich colours of the night sky and the reflection in the water!


What a fantastic night marvelling at God’s creation!

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