Innisfail Pro Rodeo at Daines Ranch

Innisfail Pro Rodeo
Innisfail Pro Rodeo

The Innisfail Pro Rodeo at Daines Ranch starts this week, so I guess it is about time to put up some pictures from last year’s rodeo. The 2010 rodeo was also Jack Daines 50th anniversary rodeo!

This rodeo is one of my favourites. You get to watch the same riders and animals you will see at the bigger rodeos, except here, it is nice and small and you can get right up to the action. If you go to the Calgary Stampede, you better take your binoculars. At the Innisfail Rodeo, you can sit close or go right to the fence, where I usually am with my camera. It is also good, clean fun for the family.

They have all the main events, excluding the racing ones. There is the Bareback, Saddle Bronc, Calf Roping, Barrel Racing, Steer Wrestling, and as the grand finale, Bull Riding. They have big prizes to draw in the best riders and stock, and they keep the action moving. I’ve been to some rodeos that really drag on, but this one is lots of fun. I’m looking forward to going again this year!

Bull Riding at Innisfail Pro Rodeo

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