The Solstice Lunar Eclipse – December 21, 2010

Baby it’s cold outside! Once in a red moon there is a lunar eclipse, and this morning was an opportunity to watch the moon slip into the Earth’s shadow, made a bit more rare by the coincidence of it occurring on the Winter Solstice. It was about -20C when I headed outside with a small telescope and my camera. It’s amazing how quick your fingers stop working when handling tripods and buttons and lenses at -20… but I digress. It was a beautiful, clear night. A slight breeze made it a bit cooler and harder to keep the tripod steady (or maybe that was just my shaking hands), but I did manage to get some shots of the lunar eclipse.

I went out at 11:45 PM MST and called it quits at about 1:15 AM, so I missed the second half of the show (unlike the last time).  It was cold (did I already mention it was cold), but I’m glad I got to witness it.

The next morning after not enough sleep, I drove my daughter to school right around sunrise, and got one last shot of the moon before it ended it’s spectacular day. Thank you, God, for the show!

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