A funny thing happened January 24, 1919

Here in Sackville, NB there was a bit of rain. That is nothing unusual right now as it has rained every day since we started our vacation last week. The rain I am talking about was on January 24, 1919. The winter rain must have been unusual enough that someone painted it on the wall in the paint room at the Campbell Carriage Factory Museum here in Sackville.

This is a fascinating little museum right here in my home town. Apparently the factory ran for over 100 years before it was closed. It seems that the employees locked to door on the way out and nobody disturbed the facility for many years. The tools and patterns for cutting, a few unfinished carriages and sleighs were all left inside. Be sure to check it out if you are in the area.

The Campbell family also started a funeral business and there were a number of casket materials in the factory as well.

Doh! The problem with hand engraving.. there is no eraser to fix it with.

The hubs for the wagon wheels were cut in advance and allowed to dry for at least a year before being used. These never got taken off the shelf.

Spindles get banged into the hubs.

Spindle ends getting shaped.

The wheel assembly table.

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