New Exhibit: Motion Gallery in Calgary

I’m very excited about being one of the featured artists at Motion Gallery in Calgary for the month of May! The gallery is a not for profit organization for emerging artists, and is located at the Eau Claire Market in downtown Calgary. For this show I ordered some new prints, including this one from a London Underground station that I had printed on metal. I’ve not tried this medium before, but it really works well for some images. It feels like the lights in the picture are really shining!

Way Out - metal print

Detail shot of the metal print.

Metal print

We dropped off quite a load of images and I look forward to seeing the display. If you are in Calgary this month, please stop by Motion Gallery and check it out!

Glimpses of Peggy's Cove "Old Barn" Canvas Gallery Wrap Print Shelf Cloud

Koby and Jennifer – Wedding Photography

Koby and Jennifer

Congratulations to Koby & Jennifer!

On July 4th, 2015, Koby and Jennifer had a beautiful wedding in her parent’s yard. The weather for the service was lovely, but it didn’t quite cooperate with our plans for taking photos at a nearby beach. A storm started blowing hard once we got there so we retreated back to the house and had a good time taking photos there.

We managed to sneak the wedding couple away at sunset for some photos in the hilly countryside of the Erskine area of Alberta, then back to the house for some fireworks. A wonderful end for a fantastic day! (more…)

Josh and Jolene – Wedding Photography

Josh and Jolene

Congratulations to Josh and Jolene!

Over the last couple years I have gotten to know Jolene at work and have enjoyed her gentle, quiet and God-centred spirit. This same spirit was on full display for her wedding day, and a beautiful day it was.

It was also a very hot day (for central Alberta), and we were thankful for the cool shade under the trees at Camp Little Red, a Christian camp Jolene has been involved with for many years, and a path in the woods near her parents’ home. We pray for all the best for Josh & Jolene as they start this life together. Thanks for asking us to photograph your special day.


Well hello there, Macro


Yesterday I received my new Sigma 105mm Macro lens. I haven’t used a macro for a couple years, and I have sorely missed it. Having a good macro lens opens up a whole new kind of photography, one that I really enjoy. You can see common objects around you in a new way, revealing hidden beauty otherwise missed.

This is my second Sigma lens, and I have really enjoyed them. The construction quality is great, and the optics rivals, or beats the Nikon equivalent often for lots of $$$ less. See these test images from

This is going to be lots of fun.


In a calendar

One of my photographs from New Brunswick has once again been selected for publication in the Saltscape’s 2015 calendar! Flipping through the rest of the calendar I realize what an honour it is to be selected. There are many great photographs from around Atlantic Canada, a wonderful part of this great country.

_TWJ1915 _TWJ1920

Saltscapes is a magazine celebrating Atlantic Canada, it’s people, it’s culture, it’s food, and the fantastic landscape. Like the last time I was included in their calendar, they have selected a photo from the Tantramar Marsh area in Sackville, New Brunswick. This particular photo is one of the old hay barns from the marshes along the Bay of Fundy near Wood Point. I don’t know if this barn is still there or not, it was almost ready to fall down when I took this photo a five years ago, and it is unprotected from the strong winds coming off of the Bay.

This image is part of a photographic project I undertook to document the old barns of the Tantramar Marsh area before they were all gone. One hundred years ago there were over 400 of these barns dotting the flat landscape. When I was a kid there were about 70, and now there are probably less than a dozen left.  See more of my photography of the Tantramar Marsh