So I made a book

I took me months to go through the photos that I gathered in my short time in the United Kingdom. At the end of it I decided that I should do something more with them than just put them up on a website, so we decided to make some Christmas gifts for family. To that end, we made a Blurb book.

New Blurb Book

Blurb is one of many self publishing book printers out there. I was able to make several inexpensive, but very nice photo books, in both soft and hard covers. You can print as many or few books as you want, so I got enough to give away to some of the family (and one for me too). My book is 40 pages and I was really impressed with the quality of the colour prints.

New Blurb Book

We finished the book back in November, but had to keep it quiet untill after Christmas. It is a nice keepsake and a great way to share the photos and memories with others. I already have plans to make more books in the future.

You can check out an online preview (and buy your own copy if you want) at:

By Troy W. Johnstone

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